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Restore your antique furniture to like-new
condition with our restoration and repair
work. We give new life to your pieces so
you can enjoy them for many more years.

Monticello Antiques also creates replicas
of traditional English and American
furniture. Pieces range from vintage
dressers to finely made armchairs.

Check out our gallery of different furniture
pieces for sale. You’ll find many rare
and beautifully designed pieces, including
elegant tables, dressers, and chairs.

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Learn about Monticello Antiques

Monticello Antiques specialize in buying and selling late 18th and early 19th century American and English furniture. We have a complete restoration and repair business, from turning a new leg, to replacing a missing veneer or inlay, to restoring finishes on any type of furniture. We are located in downtown Norfolk, Virginia, and have been in business since 1960. Visit our antique shop today to find the perfect side table or armchair for your home or have us restore one of your old pieces.

George Houmis founded Monticello Antiques on Onley Road in 1960. He eventually moved the shop to its present location in 1969. Mr. Houmis was a Greek immigrant and worked in Norfolk as a cabinetmaker of 18th century, handmade reproductions and selling old English and American furniture. Mr. Houmis’ daughter, Irene, and her husband, Jim Close, bought the business in 1982 and continues to run the shop to this day with their cabinetmaker, David Colonna — all trained by Mr. Houmis.

Client Testimonials:
“We had our antique double size bed made into a queen size, the workmanship was superb, Irene and Jim Close were very helpful in designing the new pieces that were needed, we need more work done and feel this is the place to get quality work.”
— Guest36475, 08/11/2011

“My wife and I were in Norfolk and were very happy to stumble onto this wonderful shop. The quality of the furniture displayed was the best we've seen in that area. The owners, Jim & Irene Close were both knowledgeable and very friendly. We took pictures and measurements on several pieces. They also have a restoration and repair business and they looked pretty busy. We highly recommend anyone interested in antique furniture to stop by.”
 Guest30663, 08/03/2011

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